The city of Eilat in Israel will have its own casino. This is proven by the steps taken by the Minister of Tourism Yariv Levin. He traveled to meet with project officials to see the details of the establishment, which will be a complex. This is expected to host the casino. This trip will allow the minister to present a project that will satisfy the government. Indeed, it will still have the duty to propose it with solid arguments, for this very year.

The committee in the study phase

Yariv Levin went to join the committee which is responsible for studying the viability of this project so that the city can have its casino. He met the mayor of Eilat, the director of the prime minister’s office and that of the finance ministry, as well as other government officials. The committee will have to draw gambling online malaysia up a memorandum to be able to put forward a bill to authorize the establishment of a hotel-casino in the spa town.

You should know that in Israel, the law prohibits the presence of casinos. The inhabitants only have access to sports betting, moreover, is still managed by the National Lottery Mifal Hapayis. According to the Minister of Tourism, the casino will only serve to bring more tourists to the new hotel. The goal is to make Eilat a destination of choice, along with other cities in the country. The Minister insisted that this tourist town has not had a new hotel for about ten years.

A casino in Israel, the first signs are positive

The Ministry of Tourism has produced a report, the content of which states that the project is viable and can be successful. In this same content, we mention the possibility of building up to 4 casinos. Each establishment will have a luxury hotel and a conference center. These complexes will allow Eilat to have 4,000 more rooms. These casinos, according to this report, will help Eilat to increase tourism by 15%. He also estimates that each player should spend around $ 160. They will also generate 11,000 new jobs.

In the memorandum, the place of installation of the complex will be revealed. It will also contain the limits for the population and the conditions for obtaining a license winbet2u malaysia. He will also have to establish the limit on the level of the bets as well as the degree of frequentation to which each player will be entitled. It will also determine the regulatory time for a session and for each visitor. This meeting of the Minister of Tourism with part of the committee comes at the time when the Minister of Finance Moshe Kahlon passed to the adoption of the recommendations of a committee under the aegis of his own ministry.

It should be noted that he is a fervent opponent of this casino project. The committee of the latter calls for the withdrawal of several hundred slot machines which have been under the management of the national lottery and which have been installed in its establishments which are located in the four corners of the country. For this opposing minister, slot machines do not have a purely economic purpose and it is a game that refers to casinos. What follows will be decisive, especially as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has to face strong opposition from several parties such as HaBayit HaYehudi YaHadout HaTorah, and Shas. But Minister Levin is almost sure that the deputies will approve, because the establishments will be very supervised.

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