The First Stone Of The Outdoor Casino Of Ciotat Has Been Laid

The Ciotat casino will be the symbol of modernity in 2017, because the project is very ambitious. It will be a casino that will house many spaces. But it will also be an emblematic opening, because this first stone, which has just been laid, is very important.

It took 12 years for this project to come out of the ground. Many constraints have meant that it has been pushed back each time.

The first stone finally laid

Tuesday June 14 the first stone of the casino of Ciotat has just been laid. This is the start of the work, which will last exactly one year. Indeed, it will have to be definitively finished in 2017. It is located at the entrance of the city, in a very good location. It is the culmination of twelve long years of fighting. It was a real journey according to Patrick Boré, in his speech during this ceremony. This project survived many obstacles.

There were in particular the new regulations which turned the whole casino universe upside down. The economic crisis has also hit the gambling establishments hard, which have had great difficulty in recovering. Others have even gone out of business because of a sharp drop in attendance and a fairly significant drop in turnover. Finally, there was also the implementation of the Evin Law, which prohibits smoking in public places.

Despite all this, this future Ciotat casino will see the light of day, but it has overcome all these tests. It will be up to the Partouche group to complete it. The mayor added that he was quite proud, because many did not believe in the viability of this future gambling establishment given the current context. It has even become, according to Patrick Partouche, an interesting and at the same time fun project at the moment. It will be a real innovation in the world of casinos, always according to him. He then wished to warn the other competing casinos, because this gaming area of ​​La Ciotat will be a major opponent.

A real symbol for the city and a real novelty for France

It is a fairly ambitious project, it is in these words that we can summarize this future casino of the Partouche group. This concept, an open-air casino , is the first of its kind in France. The same type of establishment is only found in the United States. For the city it will also be a considerable asset, because it will be a real attraction. A wind of renewal will blow in the locality. To mark the event, the city and the Partouche group, in the presence of a few hundred guests, placed a parchment with the names of the main contributors on a low wall.

Many personalities were present on site, namely the founders of the Partouche group who are Patrick and Isidore Partouche, the mayor of the city Patrick Boré as well as the CEO of the La Ciotat casino. Together they celebrated the launch of this construction which will have to be closed in March 2017. When it opens, it will have 120 slot machines and will have seven gaming tables in its outdoor part. That won’t be all, but visitors and the curious will have to be patient.